European Microwave Week 2015

Workshop WS 02: 100 Gbit/s Wireless Communications at High mm-Wave Frequencies; EuMC & EuMW 2015; 6. - 11. September, Paris, France

[1] Ingmar Kallfass

MMIC-based wireless communication frontends operating at up to 100 Gbps

[2] Rolf Kraemer

Ultra high speed wireless transmission: Quo vadis?

[3] Jörg Nolte

A Parallel protocol processing framework for ultra highspeed wireless communication

[4] Ullrich Pfeiffer

Wideband IQ transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) components towards 100 Gbit/s communication

[5] J. Christoph Scheytt

Mixed-signal baseband processing for 100 Gbit/s communications

[6] Thomas Zwick

Integration of antennas into low-cost millimeter-wave transceivers