European Microwave Week 2013

Workshop W 19: Ultra High Speed Wireless Communication: Approaches and Ideas to Achieve Wireless 100 Gb/s Communication; EuMC & EuMIC; Nuremberg, Germany, 6. - 11. October 2013

[1] Andreas Czylwik, Andreas Stöhr, Thomas Kaiser, and Klaus Solbach

Tera 50. A 10-1000 GHz Wireless Measurement System with 50 GHz Bandwidth

Download (PDF 1.1 MB)

[2] F. Ellinger, D. Fritsche, J.D. Leufker, M. Laabs and D. Plettemeier

Visions for On-Chip Integrated Distributed Amplifier & Antenna Systems in SiGe BiCMOS for Ultra Large Bandwidth

Download (PDF 1.98 MB)

[3] Georg Fischer

A New View on Analogue-Digital-Balance with System Design

Download (PDF 3 MB)

[4] C. Friesicke, A. Hamidian, M. Giese, G. Böck, and A. F. Jacob

Front-Ends for High-Speed Mobile Data Communications at W-Band

Download (PDF 503 KB)

[5] Dietmar Kissinger, Martin Vossiek, Manfred Berroth, Frank Ellinger, Robert Weigel

Low-Power System Architectures for Future 100GBit/s Wireless Communication Systems

Download (PDF 397 KB)

[6] Berthold Lankl, Gerhard Fettweis, Eckhard Grass, Stefan Krone

Maximum Spectral Efficiency Through Parallelized Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Transmission Using High-Resolution 3D Antenna Topologies (maximumMIMO)

Download (PDF 1.2 MB)

[7] Renato Negra, Gerd Ascheid, Norbert Wehn

Optimization of 100 Gb/s Short Range Wireless Transceivers under Processing-Energy Constraints

Download (PDF 511 KB)

[8] J. Christoph Scheytt, Rolf Kraemer, Ingmar Kallfass

Strategies for Energy‚ÄźEfficient 100 Gb/s Baseband Processing Using Mixed Analog/Digital Signal Processing

Download (PDF 663 KB)

[9] Thomas Zwick, Ullrich Pfeiffer

Towards a Fully Integrated, Multi-Purpose Radio Front-End for Wireless 100 Gb/s

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