05th 06 2018

State Seminary 2018

At the State Seminary 2018, performed at 23. and 24 of May 2018 in Essen, the research groups have presented their results of the 2. project phase. Every project was introduced by a projects leading professor with a short overview, followed by presentations of PhD students of every participating university chair.
The program director from DFG, Mr. Dr.-Ing. Damian Dudek, told afterwards, that the reults in majority have impressed him deeply, and strengthen the scientists to document their final results by book publication.

11th 10 2017

FREQUENZ Special Issue reflects results of SPP1655/1

The results of the SPP1655 first phase are published in the FREQUENZ Special Issue “Wireless 100 Gb/s and Beyond”. The articles are avialable via the publisher De Gruyter using the following link.

12th 07 2017

SPP1655 performs at EuMW2017 own Workshop

In 11 Vorträgen präsentieren die SPP1655-Teilprojekte aktuelle Ergebnisse der ersten Projektphase und Ziele der zweiten Projektphase.

The 11 SPP1655 projects are showing current achievements of the first projects phase and goals of the second project phase.

EuMC WS-03, Sunday, 8th October 2017 / Room: Riga,

01st 06 2016

11 Projects funded in 2nd Phase of SPP1655

  • LP100: Optimization of 100 Gb/s Short Range Wireless Transceivers under Processing-Energy Constraints
  • M-SPARS: Development of novel system and component architectures for future multichannel 100 GBit/s communication systems
  • DataRace: Fully Integrated Dual-Polarized Antenna Array with Ultra-Wideband Single-Chip CMOS Receiver
  • Tera50: A 60-1000 GHz Wireless Measurement System with 50 GHz Bandwidth
  • DAAB-Tx: On-Chip Integrated Distributed Amplifier and Antenna Systems in SiGe BiCMOS for Ultra-Large- Bandwidth Transmitters
  • maximumMIMO: Maximum Spectral Efficiency Through Parallelized Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) Transmission Using High-Resolution 3D Antenna Topologies
  • M4: Ultra Wideband Communications based on Massive MIMO and Multi-mode Antennas Suitable for Mobile Handheld Devices
  • Mixed Mode Baseband for 100 Gbps Wireless Communication
  • End2End100-Phase 2
  • Real100G.RF: A fully integrated, multi-purpose Radio Front-End for wireless 100 Gbps
  • Coordination project

20th 02 2016

Open Review-Presentation for the 2nd Phase of SPP1655

On 8th of March 2016 the proposers have to give a presentation and show the poster.

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28th 10 2013

The DFG Funding Program 1655 has performed at theEuropean Microwave Week 2013 / EuMC & EuMIC an own workshop (W 19 / EuMC & EuMIC) under guidance of Prof. Dr. Rolf Kraemer.
The presentations can be found on this webpage under Publication 2013 / European Microwave Week 2013.

14th 06 2013

IEEE Conference ICC 2013

The DFG Funding Program 1655 has performed at theIEEE Conference ICC2013 an own panel session under guidance of Prof. Dr. Rolf Kraemer.
The panel presentations can be found on this webpage under Publication 2013 / IEEE conference ICC 2013.